25 setembro 2012

Uma canção de Glen MacNeil

Stand up for what you believe

This country was built on a foundation strong
We celebrate victory and learn from our rights and our wrongs
We look confrontation and defiance right in the eye
Together we'll stand and fight for our piece of the pie

Stand up for what you believe and never back down
From the big city lights to the streets of every small town
Take pride in the past and have faith in all you've achieved
Look to the future with hope and dignity
Stand up for what you believe

We're miners of mineral wealth of iron and ore
We'll send sailors to sea and return them to shore
We'll take to the skies or ship it on rails of steel
We're proud automakers building dreams on wheels

We're sisters and brothers we're workers of colour and creed
We're fathers and mothers of children with big hopes and dreams
We are strength in numbers when they put our backs to the wall
We're all of one heart and we'll fight for freedom for all

We've stood our ground for a quarter century
A union strong through solidarity

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