28 setembro 2012

Tomando embalagem para amanhã

Si, si puede por Linda Allen
(Yes it can be done)

Si se puede, si se puede, Yes, it can be done
None can deny you your dreams for your daughters and sons
Si se puede, si se puede, it can be done
None can deny you your dreams for your daughters and sons

For the sake of this young girl, asparagus cutter, who rises at 3
To work in the fields before school and she sleeps when she can
She comes home and she cares for her sisters and brothers 'til her parents return
She'll fix supper and study, go off to her bed, then she'll do it again

For the sake of Manuel, who has worked in this valley for 20 long years
He's picked and he's pruned, and he dreams of a farm that will someday be his
And he knows what a worker sho toils on the land deserves to get by
Respect and good wages, toilets, fresh water, a clean place to live

For the sake of Tomas who has struggled for justice, a voice in the wind
But he's kept the flame burning, 'til 2 become 3, then a thousand and more
For the sake of Cesar, tho' the road has been long, he is walking again
With the women and men in the union's great shadow that none can ignore

For the sake of these workers with so many dreams who have marched many miles
Through Yakima's orchards, Seattle's fine market, to Olympia's dome
See the bright banners flashing, and a thousand-voiced choir praise the colors of earth
And justice will reign and we'll reap the great harvest in our Washington home 

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