22 setembro 2012

Porque hoje é sábado (291)

Geoff Francis e Peter Hicks

Peter Hicks
A sugestão musical de hoje revela-vos os
 cantores australianos de intervenção

Geoff Francis Peter Hicks

(Defendam esta linha)
Hold that line!
Hold that line!
Sisters, brothers, never weaken,
Stand and hold that picket line!
Oh, we're standing here together,
One for all and all for one;
And we'll keep right on here standing
Till our victory we have won,
We're united in our struggle,
No, there's none us can divide
We'll yield nothing to the enemy
'Cos we've justice on our side.
Hold that line against the bosses
When they try to drive us back,
Hold that line against the coppers
And their armed baton attacks,
Hold that line against the government,
'Gainst all enemies of our class,
And hold that line against the scabs too,
No, we'll never let them pass.
Hold that line against the World Bank
And against the IMF,
Hold that line and keep on holding it
As long as we have breath.
Hold that line against their dogma
Hold that line against their creed
Hold that line to save the future
From their plunder and their greed.
Oh, we're standing with the millions
Reaching out across this world,
And with those who fought before us,
Our banners here unfurled..
But there's more room yet beside us,
If you'll come and join our cause,
For the chains that now enslave you,
They are all you have to lose.

e, já agora, aproveitem para
 ficar a conhecer este sítio australiano


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