19 agosto 2017

Para o seu fim de dia, um grupo de Los Angeles

Se eu fosse Presidente

Señor President le vengo avisar
No tengo papeles para trabajar
Señor Presidente le pido porque
Matan al Moreno con piel de café

Si Fuera Presidente
Para la gente,
Si fuera Presidente

Me gusta la lima
Me gusta limon
Pero no me gusta
Tanta corrupcion

I’d roll up my sleeves
As I face the congregation
First thing I’d do
Is Free Education
And every 3rd Period
Yo, We’d practice meditation

Educate myself
On our current situation
When we pay a living wage
We’ll have less incarceration

And my first lady
Would be my moms
Cause she’d slap me
At the first thought of drone strikes
And dropping bombs

We’d Free my poor black and brown kids
that got caught up in 3 strikes
And when they get out
They gettin’ free bikes

So they can ride to their future
Not their past
Go to the store Get some chips
With no GMO Cause My folx
We gotta right to Know

And if you don’t know
Know you know

Si fuera Presidente
Si Fuera Presidente
Para mi gente,

At my inauguration,
I’d burn tobacco at the opening
Give thanks & prayers, to creator and all living beings.

First thing, id sit you down with your abuelita,
Rewrite history so our kids can see
where we came from & a kNew destiny
From Flint to Cali water flowing pure and free

And my department of peace, would Melt guns into bike racks
Budget cuts to corporate kickbacks

If i was president, well, there’d still be drama
Takes a village to heal our generational trauma
So, shake your spine,
Put your hands up high
We got a different kinda party in the White House tonight

If I was president.
Hey, What would you do?
If I was president,
Hey, I’d ask you
If you were President,
What would you do?
If it was you, you, or you

Me gusta la lima, me gusta limon
Pero no me gusta tanta corrupcion
Me gusta la lima, me gusta limon
Pero no me gusta tanta corrupcion

Si Fuera Presidente
Pa’ toda la gente,

Me Gusta La Lima
Me gusta limon
Pero no me gusta tanta corrupcion


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