23 novembro 2015

No passado 19 de Novembro

100 anos sobre o 
assassinato de Joe Hill

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Anywhere But Utah – The Songs of Joe Hill

Bucky Halker, Ph.D., is a singer-songwriter, performer, and scholar with fifteen recordings to his credit, including Welcome to Labor Land, a recording of Illinois labor songs from the past; and the all-originals Wisconsin 2-13-63, vols. 1 & 2; a 2012 personal tribute of original and cover songs “The Ghost of Woody Guthrie”; and this new release in celebration of the life, legacy and talents of Joe Hill. Bucky is also the author of For Democracy, Workers, and God: Labor Song-Poems and Labor Protest, 1865-1895 and is the producer-scholar for the Folksongs of Illinois CD series.
Pete Seeger canta "Joe Hill"

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