11 janeiro 2016

Um grande artista

"Lady Stardust"
People stared at the makeup on his face
Laughed at his long black hair, his animal grace

The boy in the bright blue jeans
Jumped up on the stage
And lady stardust sang his songs
Of darkness and disgrace

And he was alright, the band was altogether
Yes he was alright, the song went on forever
And he was awful nice
Really quite out of sight 
([second time:] really quite paradise)
And he sang all night long

Femme fatales emerged from shadows
To watch this creature fair
Boys stood upon their chairs
To make their point of view
I smiled sadly for a love I could not obey

Lady Stardust sang his songs
Of darkness and dismay


Oh how I sighed 
When they asked if I knew his name


Get some pussy now!

1 comentário:

  1. Um dia
    um genro meu
    trouxe um camaleão para casa
    Meu neto adorou
    Depois fomos devolvê-lo
    sem mácula nem desgosto
    para que sobrevivesse no seu habitat

    Não creio